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About Us

At the PCTSCPA, our mission is to professionally support the members of the Panhandle Chapter as they work toward professional pursuits as CPA’s.
One goal of the Chapter is to provide its membership with high quality, affordable Continuing Professional Education while cultivating professional cooperation and social interaction among the members.  The Chapter is very successful in retaining excellent speakers and local facilities are quite comfortable for a positive learning environment at these seminars. 
Additionally, the Panhandle Chapter manages a healthy scholarship commitment to area students as they are the future of the accounting profession.  The members continue to elevate the standard of proficiency, integrity and excellence within the profession as strong candidates are sought to receive the multiple scholarships available to be awarded each year.


2016-2017 Board of Directors  Panhandle Chapter TSCPA
President – Chris Pace
President Elect – Shannon Brittain
Vice President – Karis Burgess
Secretary – Greg Ogburn
Treasurer – Kyle Glasscook

Director - Jodie Jones
Director - Preston Branch
Director - Jacob Young

TSCPA Director
Anne Carpenter (5/31/17)
Alicia Pickens (5/31/19)
Selena Fogg (5/31/19)

Committee Descriptions

For a full list of committee descriptions, please consult your directory.

Accounting and Auditing
This Committee is responsible for the planning of the two-day, 16 CPE hour Accounting and Auditing Seminar that is usually offered in May of each year.

Tax Committee
The Tax Committee organizes the two-day, 16 CPE hour Tax Institute that occurs in August of each year. The committee considers recommendations made on evaluations submitted by participants during previous Tax Institutes and current tax issues in selecting topics. After determining the topics to be presented, committee members determine the best speaker for each topic and contact these potential speakers. We are required to offer a four-hour Ethics course every other year (odd numbered years).

Historically, this has been a major fundraiser for the Chapter so that we can give back to our members by offering an eight CPE hour Tax Update in December of each year at a minimal fee.

Business, Industry and Government, BIG Committee
The BIG Committee organizes the two-day, 16 CPE hour BIG Conference usually held in October of each year. The committee considers recommendations made on evaluations submitted by participants during previous BIG conferences and other current issues in selecting topics. After determining the topics to be presented, committee members determine the best speaker for each topic and contact these potential speakers. We are required to offer a four-hour Ethics course every other year (even numbered years).

William J. Haggard Scholarship - $1,400 scholarship awarded to an outstanding WT accounting student based on interviews by the scholarship committee and coordinated with WT accounting professors. The accounting professor screens the applicants and presents a list of candidates to the committee. The committee interviews should be conducted in March of each year. The chapter pays $2.50/member each year to the WT Foundation Fund set up for the Haggard Scholarship. The chapter also pays the fund for memorials designated for scholarships.

Panhandle Chapter CPA Scholarship - $1,200 scholarship awarded to an outstanding WT accounting student based on interviews by the scholarship committee and coordinated with WT Accounting professors.

UIL Accounting Scholarships - Five scholarships of $500/year to the top five scorers of the District UIL accounting competition from the schools within the 25 counties that comprise the geographic area of the Panhandle Chapter of the TSCPA. A recipient can only receive the award once even if they are one of the top five scorers for more than one year during High School. The scholarships are renewable for up to five years as long as the following criteria are met:

Must be an accounting major
Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA
Enrolled with full time status
Renewable for 5 years
Must attend a Texas College or University (TILF requirement)

The Panhandle Chapter counties are:
Deaf Smith


Outstanding CPA of the Year Award
Robert J. Hibbetts - Outstanding CPA of the Year Award

ALL Members - 100th Anniversary 2013-2014
John Doucette 2012-2013
Roger Haynes 2011-2012

Karen Cooley 2010-2011
Michael D. Williams 2009-2010
Michael W. Young 2008-2009
Kimberly Clark 2007-2008
Cindy Garner 2006-2007
Mark R. Ensign 2005-2006
Mike W. Young 2004-2005
Rhonda L. Russell 2003-2004
Elizabeth Pulliam 2002-2003
Danny L. Bishop 2001-2002
Steven P. Welsch 2000-2001
Johnny I. Moore 1999-2000
Steven P. Welsch 1998-1999
Samuel B. Lovelady 1997-1998
William L. (Bill) Dickey 1996-1997
Johnny Moore 1995-1996
James D. Elza 1994-1995
Cindy Kile 1993-1994
Cindy Kile 1992-1993
K. Bart Templeton 1991-1992
James E. Jenkins 1990-1991
Michael D. Williams 1989-1990
James D. Elza 1986-1987
Johnny Lacy 1985-1986
Curtis A. Crofford 1984-1985
James E. Jenkins 1983-1984
Earl E. Whitten 1982-1983
Larry Pickens 1981-1982
John Puckett 1980-1981
Brooks Wilson 1979-1980
Earl D. Pharis 1978-1979

Past Presidents
Selena Fogg 2015-2016
Alicia Pickens 2014-2015
Anne Carpenter 2013-2014
Mark Fields 2012-2013
Lyle (Cory) Joiner 2011–2012
Lyle (Cory) Joiner 2010–2011
Mark Gilliland 2009-2010
Roger Haynes 2008-2009
Richard Blankenship 2007-2008
Tammie Coffee 2006-2007
Dennis Spear 2005-2006
John Kletchka 2004-2005
Jerry McMillon 2003-2004
A. John Doucette 2002-2003
Ross Kerns 2001-2002
Joe K. Howell 2000-2001
Mark Christy 1999-2000
Connie Tommerup 1998-1999
David Byrd/Johnny Moore 1997-1998
Mike Young 1996-1997
Doug Conder 1995-1996
Clay Allen 1994-1995
J. Michael Connor 1993-1994
William L. Dickey 1992-1993
Terry Sheldon 1991-1992
Johnny Moore 1990-1991
Cindy Kile 1989-1990
Bruce Gimour 1988-1989
Rhonda Russell 1987-1988
James D. Elza 1986-1987
Norman K. Stewart 1985-1986
David V. Eck 1984-1985
Judy Glenn 1983-1984
Bart Templeton 1982-1983
Steve Messagner* 1981-1982
Johnny Lacy 1980-1981
James C. Davis* 1979-1980
James Pace* 1978-1979
John Puckett* 1977-1978
Morris G. Moreland 1976-1977
James B. Davis, Jr. 1975-1976
C. James Mans 1974-1975
Douglas N. Perkins 1973-1974
Curtis A. Crofford* 1972-1973
Bob G. Zenor* 1971-1972
Weldon Hacker 1970-1971
Bobby L. Legg 1969-1970
William M. Francis 1968-1969
James E. Jenkins 1967-1968
James D. Buckley 1966-1967
Earl F. Whitten 1965-1966
Billy Jack Howell* 1964-1965
Donald L. Rowe* 1963-1964
E. W. Woods* 1962-1963
Lloyd A. Thomas* 1961-1962
Rupert L. Dowell, Jr. 1960-1961
Lawrence G. Pickens 1959-1960
Robert F. Brown* 1958-1959
Brooks Wilson 1957-1958
Leonard H. Gerhardt 1956-1957
S. L. West* 1955-1956

Michael R. Lindsey* 1954-1955
Zed Doshier, Jr. * 1953-1954
William J. Fellers 1952-1953
Maurice C. Finley* 1951-1952
D. L. Shelton* 1950-1951
John R. Sanderson* 1949-1950
John R. Sanderson* 1948-1949
Robert Hibbetts* 1947-1948

Leon L. Hoyt* 1946-1947
Wilbur E. Swenson* 1945-1946
Wilbur E. Swenson* 1944-1945
Wilbur E. Swenson* 1943-1944
Leon L. Hoyt* 1942-1943
Leon L. Hoyt* 1941-1942
Michael R. Lindsey* 1940-1941
Walter C. Russell* 1939-1940


CPE, Events & Forms

The Panhandle Chapter is proud to offer a variety of one and two day conferences and seminars on current, relevant topics of interest to CPA’s and financial professionals. Check this page often for updated information on newly formed classes or for registration information on current classes.

General CPE Policies
• To retain your license, you must complete a four-hour State Board approved Ethics course every two years. No partial credit will be given for Ethics. Ethics will be offered at the Tax Institute in odd number years and at the BIG Conference in even number years.
• Walk-in registrations will be accepted based on s
pace availability only. Late fees are applicable.
• No-shows forfeit the entire amount of all registration fees paid.
• Please turn off or silence all cell phones and PDA’s; please do not use your device(s) in class.
• Please bring a light jacket or sweater to ensure comfort. Classroom temperatures are difficult to maintain and are beyond the control of PCTSCPA staff.
• Please take all belongings with you at the end of the session and deposit all trash in the containers provided.

Upcoming Events

Registration & Info Form

Click here for an updated PDF of Calendar of Events
(or view in Google calendar below)

Full Calendar
click on an event on calendar for location info


As a service to members of the Panhandle Chapter of TSCPA, advertisements for available positions may be posted on the website free of charge. Non-members are welcome to advertise also for a nominal fee of $75 per ad.

Please send an email to director@panhandlechaptertscpa.com with exact advertisement wording. Non-member ads will be posted once payment has been received.

Johnson & Sheldon, P.C.

We are a growth oriented, full service, downtown Amarillo CPA Firm that offers our professional staff competitive salaries based on their qualifications and experience, excellent benefits and growth opportunities. We also offer national firm continuing education and training through the RSM US Alliance, and are committed to the success of both our staff and clients. We currently seek and are accepting resumes for the following positions:

• Professional Auditors, with 0 to 5 or more years of experience, which requires an accounting degree and either a CPA license or currently seeking certification. Job duties include financial statement audits, reviews, compilations and other related types of audit engagements. Internships for accounting students in their final year of education will also be considered.

Send resume and salary requirements to P.O. Box 509 Amarillo, Texas 79105 or e-mail to front@amacpas.com. Also visit our website for more information at www.amacpas.com.  

Bragg & Davison, Dalhart, Texas

Staff Accountant-This job will provide you with a variety of experience in public accounting. You will be preparing federal and state tax returns. Other jobs will include working in QuickBooks to prepare financial statements and tax trial balances. You will be preparing payroll, sales and franchise tax returns. You will also be paying bills and doing bookkeeping for clients.

BBA in Accounting or Business with a minor in Accounting. Tax, QuickBooks and Microsoft Office experience a plus. Good computer skills. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Experience in Ultra Tax would be a good asset.

Please mail, fax or email your resume with a cover letter and salary requirements to 806-244-7202 or bdcpa@braggdavison.com .  Bragg & Davison, 1616 Tennessee Ave, Dalhart, TX 79022.

Accountant for family office that owns real estate, oil and gas and farming and ranching.

Skills required:
  • Degree in accounting (prefer CPA) with at least 5 years tax experience
  • Excel and Word proficiency, professional confidentiality, ability to meet deadlines
  • Maintain multiple company general ledgers, etc.
  • Income tax preparation for individuals, partnerships, trusts, etc.
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Payroll reports
  • 1099’s
  • Special projects
  • 401(k)
  • Health insurance including dental
  • Vacation, sick leave and holidays
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Casual work environment
Can send resume and questions to:
Lynn McPherson
Smith Family Office
3602 S. Washington Street
Amarillo, TX  79110


Find current news and happenings about the Panhandle Chapter here!  If you have an idea for a submission or article, please contact Jobie at director@pctscpa.com.

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